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Charmaine Courses
Charmaine Courses focus on Posture & Modeling Techniques, Makeovers & Hairstyling, Personality - Social & Business Etiquette, Fashion & Color Analysis, Nutrition & Physical Fitness, Photographic Movement, Public Speaking & Acting plus much more according to each age level. Charmaine courses are offered year-round.

Lilly & Bella

Little Miss Charmer - girls, ages 4 to 8 (8 weeks)
Children have the potential for poise and self confidence. We realize that ambitions start at an early age - when their manners and personalities are forming.

Young Men - boys, ages 8 to 12 (5 weeks)
Designed for today's young man. They will work on appearance and self-confidence and learn how to channel energy into positive actions.

Junior Charmer I - girls, ages 9-12 (10 weeks)
Designed for young ladies. They will learn poise and self-confidence so students may walk with their heads held high with positive self appreciation.

Junior Charmer II - girls, ages 9-12 (10 weeks)
Young ladies who exhibit an outgoing personality are prepared intellectually and emotionally to act and respond naturally before the camera and on the runway.


Basic/Advanced Finishing & Modeling - females (16 weeks)
Whether you are a teen, college student or a career woman, you can make a commitment to personal development that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Your determination, professional attitude and the training provided will enable you to create the personal and professional future you deserve.

Men's Personal Development - males (12 weeks)
Men learn the skills necessary to become a confident professional in appearance and presentation, for both social and career life. Some graduates choose modeling or acting as a career, others appreciate their new abilities to achieve personal success in all aspects of life due to a sense of renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Professional Modeling (12 weeks)
A co-ed program designed to meet the requirements of the modeling professional. Learn photographic movements before the camera, a model's runway walk and turns and the role in commercials with continuous experience in front of the camera.

TV Commercial Acting (12 weeks)
This exciting co-ed program develops and packages actors effectively through the training, planning and preparation essential to becoming successful.

Charmaine's goal is to help everyone become "The Best They Can Be" in terms of physical presentation, personality and performance regardless of whether they are pursuing modeling, acting or both. We pride ourselves in the success of our students. Our students' personal and professional growth are the most important moving forces in Charmaine School.

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